Science & End of Course Assessment

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  • All AIR systems including TIDE, TDS, THSS, and ORS will be down for maintenance starting on Friday, 4/21, at 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time and will re-open on Sunday, 4/23, at 8:00 p.m. Mountain Time.

    Added April 18, 2017
  • The Accommodated Paper/Pencil Testing Window is now open. This test window is for students who require a paper test accommodation including paper Braille testing for the Summative ELA/Math/Science ISAT, Biology/Chemistry End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments, or ELA/Math Alternate Assessments. Once student testing is complete, a proctor or test administrator will need to transcribe student responses in the Data Entry Interface. This system is now available to begin entering student responses and can be accessed on any Assessment page by selecting the Data Entry Interface icon.

    Added April 3, 2017
  • The Quick Guide for printing ISAT Math/ELA, Science (ISAT & End-of-Course), and Alternate Assessments (ELA & Math) ORS Individual Student Reports (ISRs) has been updated for the 2016-17 school year. Science (ISAT & End-of-Course) and Alternate Assessments (ELA & Math) have been incorporated to this quick guide. The updated document is now available in the  ELA/Literacy & Math Assessments, Science/EOC Assessments, and Alternate Assessments ELA & Math Resources section under the Reporting folder.

    Added March 30, 2017
  • The Science Paper Test Administration Quick Guide is now available in the Resources section under the Science/EOC Assessments folder under the Accessibility and Accommodations sub-folder. This document will help any proctors assisting students with paper and Braille testing on the EOC/ISAT Science tests.

    Added March 28, 2017
  • The TIDE Test Improprieties Guide is now available in the Resources section under the ELA/Literacy & Math AssessmentsScience/EOC Assessments, and Alternate Assessments ELA & Math folders under the AIR Online Systems – User Guides sub-folder.

    Added March 27, 2017

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