Science Assessments

This portal is your access point for the assessment system tools and resources.


  • The 2019-2020 Summative Test Administration Manual (TAM) is now available in the ELA/Literacy & Math Assessments and the Science Assessments resources section under the System Information - User Guides sub-folder. This document provides an overview of the summative assessments and provides a test administration script as well as guidance on testing time and order of administration. Additionally, this document provides an overview of steps to take prior to test administration, the day of test administration, and following test administration as well as general test administration information.

    Added February 18, 2020
  • The TIDE Training Presentation is now available in the ELA/Literacy & Math Assessments, Science Assessments and the Alternate Assessment ELA & Math resources section under the System InformationTraining Modules sub-folder. This module can be used to train all TIDE users in tasks that must be completed before testing, during testing, and after testing. The presentation is divided into different sections that are customized for District Administrators/Coordinators (DAs/DCs), School Coordinators (SCs), Teachers (TEs), and Test Administrators (TAs). Additional training modules for the Test Delivery System (TDS), the Online Reporting System (ORS), and AIRWays Reporting will be available prior to the Summative test window, in lieu of Roadshow trainings.  

    Added February 14, 2020
  • Updates have been made in TIDE to incorporate the new Science Interim assessments.

    • Science Interim Scoring Guides have been added to the  “General Resources” drop-down in TIDE banner. These materials may be used for teacher training and preparation prior to scoring the Science Interim Assessments.
    • Science is now available as an option in the “Interim Testing Grade” section of the “Add Students” page. This section will allow you to select the grade at which the student is tested during the Interim Assessments.
    • Science has also been added as a valid value in the Interim Grade Upload file. This option can be used to add additional interim testing grades for multiple student through the file upload process.

    Added February 11, 2020
  • New Science Sample Tests are now available on the portal for the 2019-20 school year. Students can access these tests by clicking on the New Science Sample Test card on the Science Assessments page. Users can create test sessions through the TA Interface by clicking on the Sample Test Administration icon available on the  Science Assessments page. These tests can also be taken by students at school or at home using “guest mode” without the need for a proctor and EDUID. The sample test answer keys are available in the Science Assessments resources section under the Sample & Training Test sub-folder.

    Added January 16, 2020
  • The AIRWays Reporting Training Modules can now be found in the Science Assessments resources section under the System Information - Training Modules sub-folder. These short videos include the following AIRWays Reporting topics:  How to Access AIRWays Reporting for Districts, How to Access AIRWays Reporting for Schools, How to Access AIRWays Reporting for Teachers, How to Modify Scores, How to Hand-Score Uscored Items, How to Access Longitudinal Reports, How to Export and Print Student Data, How to Create, Manage, and Edit Rosters, and How to Set Up Your Reports So They Make Sense

    Added January 9, 2020

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