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Desmos Calculator Manual 2018-2019 /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/Desmos-Calculator-Manual_2018-2019.pdf
Updated November 20, 2018
These documents provide an overview of the Desmos Calculator for the Science assessments.
Embedded Supports and Accommodations Quick Guide /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/Embedded-Supports-and-Accommodations-Quick-Guide_2018-2019.pdf
Updated March 26, 2019
This resource describes the universal tools, designated supports and accommodations entered in TIDE that students are permitted to use while participating in the ISAT ELA/Literacy & Math, Science, End-of-Course, and Alternate ELA & Math Assessments, including a crosswalk between the TIDE settings and the Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Guidelines.