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Burmese and Illustration Glossaries FAQ /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/burmese-and-illustration-glossaries-faq-2018-08-09-2.pdf
Updated September 07, 2018

Burmese is being added as another language for translated glossaries on Smarter Balanced assessments. Similar to translated glossaries currently available in the ten languages, Burmese translated glossaries will be available as a designated support for selected construct-irrelavant terms for math. Burmese will not be available for Interim tests this year. 

Illustration Glossaries are a mathematics designated support for assisting with the understanding of words or phrases in the items to help students who may not benefit from text-based glossaries currently provided in English and other languages. 

Smarter Balanced Practice Test Scoring Guides /core/fileparse.php/1519/urlt/
Updated September 10, 2019

These are the Practice Test scoring guides for the grades 3-8 and 11 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Practice Tests.